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Do you urgently need to buy ddos attack? Write to us in Telegram to place an order within five minutes!

7 Years

Having 7+ years of experience is what made us different from others, we work with roots of knowledge and skills in hacking field.


Do you speak Chinese? This is no problem for us, our polite technical support can communicate with you in any language of world (in communication with you we can use Google translator.

Safe and Secure

We offer safe and secure services, All our conversations runs through heavy AES encryption,We never and under no circumstances will reveal your identity to any third party.

Website monitoring

Our employee checks the website every 15 minutes, if we notice that the website has resumed its work, we will immediately fix it, you can sleep peacefully.

Our service provides services in field of testing and conducting ddos ​​attacks all over world. Want to disable competitor's site? Order ddos ​​attack on news portal? Block domain at registrar level for up to 40 days in order to lower its position in search results, or just disconnect specific user from Internet? You can buy ddos ​​attack after spending about five minutes, you need to contact us via TELEGRAM and have cryptocurrency in your wallet. The price of ddos attack can range from $ 100 to $ 1000 per day, it all depends on many factors that will be detected when website is scanned. During our work, in total, we have completed more than 1500+ orders, now we know perfectly how to carry out attacks on protected sites, like Cloudflare, OVH, Incapsula. We provide each new client with free test attack for five minutes. Also, since 2017, new service has appeared in the service (blocking domains at the registrar level). The service has proven itself well and still remains leader in our list, at moment it is best way to suspend website for long period of time. Blocking happens with 100% guarantee. There are no risks, domain name owner cannot do anything about it, unlike a normal attack. Today, there are large number of anti-ddos services against DDoS attacks that do their job well, making it difficult for us, in such cases client pays $ 500 day, and sometimes $ 1000. Not everyone is willing to pay that kind of money. In this case, you can order domain blocking, which is carried out directly through ICANN and website receives ban for 40 days, after 40-day blocking has expired, website will continue to work stably, but will partially lose its positions in search engines such as Google and Yahoo, because after blocking website will lose credibility in eyes of search engines. If you decide to order ddos ​​attack or block domain at registrar level, contact us immediately and we will do all dirty work for you. We are ready to provide huge number of reviews of our clients on various private Internet forums, as well as show passed checks on major hacker portals by administration of resource.

Top 6 Reasons To Work With Us

Free Test Attack

We are ready to provide you with a test attack on any selected site within 5 minutes, so that you are convinced of our competence and professionalism

Without extra cost

During their work, our specialists attack both the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Other specialists are ready to take on this only on condition of additional payment. We do not take money for this and work only at a fixed price based on a preliminary analysis and agreement with you.

Anonymous service

All data is hashed using only secure HTTPS protocols, which ensure our anonymity and protect you as a customer. It is not in vain that we use only cryptocurrency and encrypted communication channels to guarantee everyone complete anonymity in cooperation. Dirty work should not leave traces.

Experienced specialists

Our team is professional, who have successfully completed more than 1000 orders for our clients. We are ready to provide feedback on our work on private portals, as well as the results of our checks on large hacker portals by the administration. We care about our reputation, therefore we always provide the highest service for our clients.

24/7 Monitoring

If you decide to order DDOS attack for an extended period, our employees in shifts will constantly monitor the resource and block any attempts to restore its work. Day and night. We are fully responsible for the provided service. Even when you are sleeping.

Discounts for clients

We are ready to provide individual conditions for long-term cooperation, as well as personal discounts for regular customers. We care about our reputation and highly value feedback on our work.



How to Buy DDoS Attack

Send us link

Send us the website address via Telegram. Indicate the desired attack time, as well as your other wishes.

Site analysis

Our specialist will analyze the server on which the website is located, scan the server's channel capacity and the level of protection. After that, the price will be formed.

Ordering DDoS attack

If you are satisfied with cost of carrying out DDoS attack, we will disable site within five minutes as test attack. During this time we will provide wallet for which you need to pay cost service and we continue to work

We Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

bitcoin litecoin ripple ethereum

How much does a ddos attack cost?

The cost of carrying out a DDoS attack depends on many factors, so the price for each site is individual and will be communicated to the customer during the analysis of the hosting provider of the resource.

Can I stop the attack a little earlier?

For example, you ordered a ddos attack for 24 hours, after 10 hours you write to us and demand to stop the attack, in such cases a refund is not provided.

Do you provide a test attack?

YES, we only provide a free demo on unsecured sites. An attack on sites located on secure servers requires preparation, first of all, it is the purchase of traffic.

Are your services anonymous?

YES! In communication we use the anonymous Telegram messenger, the sites of our partners work and are protected by SSL certificates, the rented servers that we use for work are located in China and India. Our service employs experienced professionals in their field. DDoS.Services has been operating on DarkNet for over 7 years.

What happens if you fail with the order?

For example: you ordered a site attack for 2 days for $ 500, when ordering the site was located on the HostLine hosting provider, after a 36 hour attack, he decided to move to DDoS-Guard, in which case the cost of the attack becomes much more expensive (the amount of additional payments is individual). If you do not wish to continue the attack at an inflated rate, we will issue a refund ($ 500 ∶ 48 hours = $ 10 hour) $ 140.

Do you accept CREDIT CARD and PAYPAL ?

NO! We only accept cryptocurrencies, this guarantees your and our safety.

Hiring A Hacker, Professional Hacker For Hire

I have been cooperating with DDoS.Services for a long time, real professionals in their field, who are always in touch and ready to take a new order almost instantly, this makes me very happy, and also periodically provide discounts for long-term orders.


Paul Newman
Hackers For Hire

I ordered a couple of powerful DDoS attacks with the help of these guys, my competitor's sites were protected by CloudFlare, for these guys such sites are just dummies, sites were disabled within 20 minutes after contacting the service.

Mr. Anderson
Hackers For Hire

Everything is great, I turned to them, did a free test as expected, provided advice on blocking the domain, which I stopped at, the domain was blocked literally in 3 days, after that time the site stopped functioning for 43 days.

Old Pirates

Competitors began to attack us, I made a decision to take revenge, other hackers asked for an advance payment and did not conduct a test attack, I am not used to paying for what I don’t see, I found this site through DDG. All at the highest level!

Alex Smith
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